About Me

I am a JD candidate at The University of Texas School of Law with a passion for food. Before moving to Austin I lived in Mexico City for a quick minute--more like a few months--and before then in Boston.

I currently live in a studio apartment. It has a lovely kitchen with limited counter space. But, given my previous living arrangements (Boston brownstone kitchens are not the most spacious), I don't need much more; and I certainly appreciate the spacious pantry space. I've learned to cook and bake with limited resources and a semi-limited--and I say this because only some of the recipes have substitutions--ingredient repertoire. And I've also learned to expand my palate.

Overall I'm thankful that one random day in January 2011, I decided to embark on the journey of making food, photographing and blogging about it. That year, I decided to cook more and eat out less.
That prompted me to start Student Savor. Now I am an addict' a self-prescribed foodie.

Email me at estefaniasouzaluque (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading :)