As you probably already know, this blog started after I decided to challenge myself to cook. Now, I've decided to lists specific challenges that I hope to complete.

  • Skin salmon
  • Make naan
  • Make meringues (without an electric mixer)
  • Cook lamb
  • Make my own chicken stock 
  • Make and decorate an elaborate pie from scratch (dough and all)
  • Make pizza
  • Eat scallops
  • Make my own salsa (it's a pretty easy one, but I haven't gotten to it)
  • Make tortillas
  • Make sourdough bread
  • Make--and nicely braid-- Challah bread
  • Learn how to make a delicious red-wine reduction to serve with steak
  • Make gnocchi
  • Cook a whole turkey
  • Bake a layered cake
  • Make strawberry shortcake from scratch
  • Make fancy potatoes: truffled french fries
Feel like there's something you would want to see me cook/bake?
Challenge me! (just write a comment)


  1. Estefania - First: I love your website and think it is brilliant!
    Second: I challenge you to make Strawberry Shortcake with homemade biscuits and whipped cream (I had a ton more ideas, but I settled on this)

  2. I accept this challenge, but it will have to wait until next week. Expect the post though!

  3. Hey Stef...So I'm super creepy and read your blog all the time, but anyway...I think you should do some sort of potato dish. I LOVE potatoes so much, literally all kinds too. So I challenge you do something with potatoes, maybe fancy mashed potatoes? Twice baked? Skins? Anything!

  4. Holly, you're next! Lets just say I'm adding a fancy ingredient to the mix!

  5. Hi Estefania! I went to college and law school in Boston, and know the BU area well. Congratuations on saving money and your health by cooking for yourself instead of eating out. I have loved cooking since I was a kid, and at age 58, with 3 kids about your age and a little older, I still cook every day. I loved your eggplant fries recipe and will make them again. I am challenging myself to eat low carb again (sedentary job the past 6 months has caused me to gain weight). And I'm trying to get out of the kitchen! (I can literally get creative there for hours). Today I did a quick soak method to get cannelini beans ready for a soup, then made a low carb soup with brocolli, brocolli slaw, baby kale added just before blending, leek broth and a chicken boullion cube. I pureed it and it was delicious. Had a great green color. No cream, so it was low fat, no carb/good carb. More later, but I am supposed to be finishing my novel! Kate

    1. Hi Kate. I'm glad you appreciate my blog. I haven't been blogging much these past few weeks because I'm getting caught up in the laziness of summer, but I plan to blog regularly for three weeks (while I'm still in Boston for the summer) starting next week. Anyways, I plan on trying out a lot of healthy and lighter recipes. I hope you enjoy them! Also, the suggestions on the eggplant fries sound pretty delicious--perfect excuse to make them again!