Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Organic Bistro Review

Article first published as Organic Bistro Meals: Savory and Nutritious on Blogcritics.

A while ago, I received some coupons for an Organic Bistro Frozen Meals review. Despite the fact that I am not a very big fan of frozen pre-made dishes--lets face it, it pretty much obliterates my blog--I found the dish to be quite good in flavor. The price is not bad and nutrition wise, it is about the best there is when talking about frozen meals.

Here is my review!

Organic Bistro Meals: Savory and Nutritious

Frozen meals have been available for several years now. From fast food options to healthy options, it seems the market for ready-made meals is ever growing. This is great for many reasons; but mainly due to the fact that any people now live lives so fast for which they have no time to cook.

For some, there is always time to make a meal; otherwise, they make time to cook. On the other hand, there are those who come home from work or school finding themselves with a grumbling stomach and no intention to put together a balanced meal. Consequently, a problem arises: most people turn to take out or fast food delivery to satisfy their appetites. Without realizing that there are other alternatives to cooking, food delivery can become a daily routine for many people; a routine that more often than not 
leads to unbalanced nutrition.

What happens when you add celiac disease or a wheat allergy to the mix? You get people with little time or desire to cook and a complication with gluten. Enter Organic Bistro meals.

Even if you are in no need for a gluten-free meal, Organic Bistro’s healthy frozen meals offer the perfect option for that one, or several, times when you have no intention of preparing a meal. Boasting organic and nutrient-rich ingredients, Organic Bistro meals range from Pasta Puttanesca to Alaskan Salmon.
For chicken lovers, there is one dish deserving a recommendation. The Ginger Chicken meal brings together the tangy flavor of ginger with the freshness of green beans. The sweet-and-savory combination pairs rice pilaf perfectly with the right amount of chicken and veggies. Fulfilling nutritional needs and pleasing your taste buds, this meal will leave you anxious to try the rest of the bowls.

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