Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's February?

It's Tuesday again. How?

Seriously though, it's like I turn my head and a whole week goes by; I blink my eyes and the weekend is over. It's February tomorrow. Yes, February 2012. Where did time go?

Anyways, enough of that. I went to the movies on Saturday--needed my dose of therapy--to watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. It was emotional to say the least; I had to look up to avoid getting dripped mascara all over my cheeks. Oh and the acting... Thomas Horn is amazing.

Did you know he won Jeopardy in 2010? Yup, pocketed $31,000. And now he acts--beautifully--in one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. Wow.

About food, here is my second attempt at a bread recipe I took from Bittman's How to Cook Everything last year. It turned out better this time since there was less crust (and thus more soft inside), but I still have to find a better bread recipe. Or maybe I should keep trying to perfect this one.

I used some slices to make a tomato and mozzarella sandwich for my Eat This Instead of That series on the BUQuad and it turned out delicious! Enjoy.


  1. Dónde ta la receta de este pan? se ve buenisimo!

  2. http://www.studentsavor.com/2011/03/fresh-baguette-turkey.html