Sunday, February 6, 2011

Burgers, fries, and the superbowl

So I'm not really a Superbowl fan, but some of my friends are. And they're even greater Glee fans. So it was appropriate to through a Superbowl-Glee Party tonight. Since I wasn't going to be entertained by either of the shows I decided to concentrate on cooking.
I planned to make burgers and fries for dinner, guacamole to snack on, and chocolate cherry clusters for dessert.
Guac was a hit. Fries were kind of a fail, but after frying them (originally they were supposed to be "oven fries") they weren't so bad. The burgers were very very good. I technically didn't make them (my roomie did !!), but I helped bake the Trader Joe's Ciabatinni rolls that went with them haha. The Chocolate Clusters were ok, but not the best.
Anyways, overall our Superbowl-Glee party was great since I got to eat deliciously and hang out with great friends.
Enjoy the pics.

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